• Jen Booton

5 Shredders Sending it from Quarantine

In this new series, we'll highlight rad humans sending it in quarantine and shredding social distancing. *note: you must be complying with social distancing rules or we recreating in your local community to be featured.

From BMX riders ripping it in empty basketball courts, a climber sending it up his brick wall and proximity BASE jumpers launching off the empty cliffs of Moab, Utah, action sports athletes are shredding social distancing and finding ways to send it in this chaotic time.

1: Get out of the way dog!!

2: Moab Joe with the Zoooooooooooom

3: Matthias with the PSA

4: Holed Up Hölzl

5: Korbinian With the #StayAtHomeBikeChallenge

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