• Jen Booton

The X Games Are Here!!

Shredders, X Games Aspen officially kicks off tomorrow!! More than 200 athletes will throw down from this Thursday to Sunday. They’ll be skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, even bikecrossing (a newish X Games event that mimics motocross on snow). Cody Matechuk, who also happens to be a BASE jumper who completed the world’s first snow bike BASE jump in 2019, won GOLD in the third annual bike cross last year. (My dog later peed on his helmet in Moab, but that’s a story for another time).

Over the next four days, we’ll watch shredders compete in 18 different discipli

nes, from Slopestyle to Big Air and the...SUPERPIPE! Hm, if only you could pick some of these shredders for your fantasy team...Stay Tuned for more on that!

X Games Stats:

Dates: Jan. 23- Jan. 26

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Attend: All snowsport competition is FREE and open to the public! You can buy tix to musical acts and other perks here.

Watch: 15 primetime hours will air on ESPN, ABC and ESPN2. Full telecast schedule here.